Spice Realm is an organic herbs and spices brand founded by Steven Moxon in the UK. Inspired by trips to amazing spice markets, Steven Moxon has created a global brand that celebrates the variety of world food and promotes the health benefits of spices.

Spice Realm's first brand mission is to celebrate the variety of world food. From Pav Bhaji in India to Za'atar in the Middle East, the brand aims to introduce lesser-known but flavourful foods to a wider Western audience. Its second brand mission is to improve the confidence of amateur home cooks by teaching them how to incorporate spices into their cooking to enhance their dishes. Lastly, Spice Realm wants to promote the health benefits of spices, highlighting their natural medicinal properties.

Our mission is to source hard-to-find spices and teach customers how to use them through our website and social media content.

Spice Realm's unique selling point is its visual label system, vast product range, high-quality organic spices, and a dedication to educating customers on how to use spices in their cooking. With its clear glass jar and metal lid, customers can easily see the contents of each jar, and the visual label system helps them understand how to use each spice. Spice Realm's commitment to celebrating the variety of world food, improving amateur home cooks' confidence, and promoting the health benefits of spices makes it a standout brand in the herbs and spices industry.

The QR code on each jar provides customers with a unique and personalised experience. Scanning the code takes them to an exclusive page on our website where they can find recipes, cooking tips, and YouTube video demonstrations showing them how to use the spice in their cooking.